iti restaurants

iti restaurants

iti Restaurants

   iti was established on the Poila Baishak circa 1419 (English 14th April 2012) by Mr. Purnendu Bose and his wife Mrs Prishita Bose. Our Founder Director and CEO, Mr. Purnendu Bose is based in Mumbai, is an accomplished & well respected professional in the media fraternity with outstanding track record. The team shares a common interest as our CEO is a delectable specialty food connoisseur, specially exotic Bengali food. With that in mind, we have started our own chain of Bengali Family Restaurant in Mumbai. We have plans to establish a national presence over the next coming months. The interior design of the restaurant is conceived and tastefully done by Mrs. Prishita Bose.

   We have studied in great details the way speciality restaurants are run at various parts in Kolkata. It is a very interesting & impressive model. We personally believe that our brand of restaurants can be represented as a Pride of Bengal to other parts of the country, knowing that Bengali population is quite well spread across different nooks and corners not only in India, but across the world.

   We welcome you to our restaurant with the promise that you will be served with authentic at reasonable price, an experience that will satisfy not only your gastronomical needs, but also pamper your nostalgia that you always have for Kolkata.